IdeaPad 510--any reason not to get, or a better alternative

17/11/2021 в 00:42

The following features are most important:

14" or 15" screen

At least 6GB memory

Good enough display and speakers to stream Netflix, etc.

Price less than $800, including a 2-yr warranty


Good tech support
I'm leaning toward this IdeaPad (with upgrade to 8GB memory) because I had a refurbished IdeaPad Y510p that I loved, but the trackpad got so shoddy after 1.5 years that I had to return it for a full refund. I loved the backlit keyboard, the speakers, and the display. I realize that that laptop was way more expensive (new) than this one, so I'm not sure if this will still be quality. I also have a 10% discount from Lenovo. If you have another comparable suggestion, I'm definitely willing to consider it!

I also would prefer to be able to buy from the manufacturer so that I can get a 2-yr warranty with good tech support that's willing to refund me if needed. I actually have had to return the last two laptops I've had (a Toshiba and a Lenovo) after 1-1.5 years.

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