Of course, I could already hear cries of"However

06/04/2021 в 09:59

Furthermore, there would be absolutely NO experience benefit from OSRS gold Noted character! Naturally, the option to craft runes the old (present ) way would nevertheless remain as is.

Of course, I could already hear cries of"However, this could ruin the rune economy!" Etc etc.. Well, only if these NEC (Noted Essence Crafted) Runes were tradable... It wouldn't be too difficult (I imagine) to bring a new picture for NEC runes - basically, decorate the gray backdrop a marginally green-ish color to differentiate them from current runes. This would show the player they are an untradable rune.

Bear in mind, this notion is not meant as a means to change or subvert the current system, however, an additional option for those times where you require bulk runes"RIGHT NOW!" And require the runes a lot more compared to cheap RuneScape gold xp. I'll totally discount any flames for this idea, but CONSTRUCTIVE conversation is always welcome.

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